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A headache is a sensation of aching of the head, a symptom. Headache could affect both the sides, front, and back of the head. It can be described as throbbing, steady, and burning. It may start abruptly, or gradually. It has many possible origins: migraine, problems related to blood vessels, sinuses, bleeding inside the skull, or tumor, etc. Some types of headache and their symptoms: migraine: headache, nausea, vomiting, aura (transient focal neurological disturbances, e.g. visual, sensory, speech, photophobia). tension: due to chronic scalp muscle contraction worsened by anxiety depression and unresolved conflicts. More than 80% of headache complaints belong to this category. intracranial: infections, hemorrhage, tumor, trauma, epilepsy, etc. secondary to other causes: sinusitis, aneurysm, ear infections, drug/alcohol side effects.

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