How can advertising with benefit my company?

By advertising with your company can reach a highly targeted audience with the interests, user demographics, and spending potential you need to target. As a part of the Healthboard Network, an advertising campaign with can also provide you with the opportunity to reach a more general audience in over 31 different countries for international branding.

Planning an advertising campaign

Our sales staff can assist you in identifying the proper channels on to reach your target audience. Once you have identified your campaign distribution strategy, we can also assist you in developing a plan to attract and maintain audience attention over an extended campaign.

Creative design

Whether you are interested in providing your own advertisement, or in working with our graphics department to create your ad for you, the team can edit, create, and advise on designs that will speak to your target audience.


Sponsorship opportunities available! Contact Us for details.

The following table show our current advertising rates. For more information, please contact us by fill in the forms below.

Impressions CPM* Total Price
20,000 $25.00 $500.00
50,000 $22.00 $1100.00
100,000 $19.00 $1900.00
250,000 $16.00 $4000.00
500,000 $15.00 $7500.00

Note: Other amounts are negotiable and will normally take the cost per thousand of the group closest beneath the amount.  There is a 60% discount for none profit organizations.

* CPM refers to Cost Per Thousand Impression. These prices do not cover ad banner creation.

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