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Terms beginning with W

Warehouse receipt
Wash versus trim
Waste treatment pond
Water 2000 Initiative
Water Bank Program
Water Quality Incentives Program
Water Quality Initiative
Water quality standards
Water service contract
Waterfowl production areas
Watershed and Flood Prevention Act of 1954
Watershed and flood prevention operations
Wellhead protection area
Wetlands Reserve Program
Wholesale price index
WIC Farmersí Market Nutrition Act of 1992
WIC vendors
WIC vouchers
Wildlife Habitat Incentives Program
Wildlife Refuges
Wildlife Services Program
William F. Goodling Child Nutrition Reauthorization Act of 1998
Wind erosion
Wind erosion equation
Wool and mohair commodity programs
WORC, WORC petition
Work/training programs, food stamp
World Agricultural Outlook Board
World Bank
World Food Program
World price
World Trade Organization

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